GOODRENER studio is a developing professional architectural visualization and design studio. We are experienced Designers, Architects, Digital Artists and Graphic Designers. Our main goal is to provide high-quality service in any form.

We use the most advanced methods and create breathtaking unique works of art. Our customers know that we do care about bringing success to their business.

Today we are based in Belarus, but our customers are located in different countries around the world.


Sergey Taletskiy

Sergey Taletskiy

Designer, Architect, Digital Artist.

Main specialization: design of residential architecture, design of commercial architecture, lightning design in architectural environment and lightning in landscape design.

Deeply devoted himself to the study of the semiotics of space in the architecture and psychology of architectural design. Studied the architectural environment influence on the psychological comfort of man.

Sergey has been cooperating with architects and developers in real estate around the world for more than 12 years. His works help to create a truly attractive and expressive architecture.

Olga Yermolina

Olga Yermolina

Interior Designer, Architect

Main specialization: luxurious interior design, lighting design, decor design.

Today Olga is a famous Belarusian designer, participant and winner of many contests among architects and designers.

She developed a unique style which can be described as “Modern Luxury”. Her works are distinguished by grace and sophistication. Her customers are people of art, successful entrepreneurs and those who want to get away from the stereotypes of the traditional classics of a rich interior.


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Goralchuk Roman

Roman Goralchuk

Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer.

Main tasks: growth of the company and community management.